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HighCastle – is already the world's biggest investment marketplace for private securities, digital assets and alternative investments.

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Meet HighCastle

UK-based investment marketplace where investors can discover and build a portfolio of the best property loans and bonds, startup equity and tokens, government bonds, and other alternative investments worldwide.



tool to discover alternative investments globally


in different asset classes from real estate to ICOs


trade, service and clear blockchain based digital assets


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Revolutionary Platform


All transactions at HighCastle primary and secondary markets are recorded on the blockchain - distributed shared registry, making investing and trading fast, transparent, and secure.


HighCastle’s SmartNote solution, a blockchain-based financial instrument, which combines DLT with securities-backed notes, and empowers private and public businesses to raise capital by issuing tradable tokenized securities.


By HighCastle SmartNote solution for tokenization of private securities of real businesses and creating secondary market, we tend to achieve liquidity for private securities market, the same as liquidity was achieved earlier by the leaders of p2p lending market, now a multi-billion USD companies.


FinTech company with 70% of work covered we do by use of bots, AI and programmable algorithms. FinTech company with 70% of work covered we do by use of smart contract, bots, APIs, AI and programmable algorithms.


HighCastle`s proprietary API enables us to source investment opportunities from technology-enabled online platforms, investment firms and other trusted channels all over the world (like Seedrs, Property Partner etc).


Global investment opportunities in one place: equity, debt and reward-based from all industries, currencies and countries. HighCastle issues a Global investment opportunities in one place: equity, debt, coins from all industries, currencies and countries. HighCaste already provides access to over 5072 projects with combined 3.153 billions in value.


HighCastle issues a securities-backed notes that create a legal framework for each tradeable digital tokens and ensure FCA regulated crypto fundraising by acquiring FCA license.


HighCastle accept both fiat currencies and cryptocurrency as payment method worldwide. HighCastle accept both fiat currencies and cryptocurrency as payment method worldwide to any project. HighCastle does automated conversion when fiat needed to be invested into the project.

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Launch of updates to HighCastle marketplace: UX, Portfolio Management Modules, Secondary Market Infrastructure

HighCastle investment marketplace open access for retail investors (mobile and web) as UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorization obtained

Upgrade of HighCastle investment marketplace to Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) under MIFID II legal framework for expansion of alternative assets trading functions

Upgrade of HighCastle MTF to regulated blockchain-powered Stock Exchange to open listing and trading for digitalized public stocks along with alternative investments

Token Sale

Sale II phase

Start: 25th January 2018

End: 17:00 UTC - 25th February 2018

Price: 1ETH = 600 tokens

Sale I phase

Start: 25th December 2017

End: 17:00 UTC - 24th January 2018

Price: 1 ETH = 800 tokens


Start: 15th December 2017

End: 17:00 UTC - 24th December 2017

Price: 1 ETH = 1000 tokens

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Please fill in the form below:

Please note that HighCastle may request you to provide additional information if needed. HighCastle is registered in the UK. As a UK-based company we shall comply with all KYC/AML rules and FCA Handbook, so that we are able to verify your data accordingly.

For KYC/AML verification purpose, we will use the internal procedures and tools provided by Thomson Reuters.
In case if you are not able to provide the requested information, we reserve the right to cancel your tokens allocation without any compensation.

Institutional Purchases

For banks, hedge funds, crypto funds, institutional purchases

What people say

I tend to see the future of tokenization of assets as a concept to build up "tiers" of financial instruments. There are clear differences between a representation of assets by means of tokens and classical derivative financial instruments, but in essence, these two constructs resemble one another. Having said that, there is a viable perspective for the new concept and its implementations by different companies, like HighCastle, which combine DLT with securities-backed notes in one HighCastle’s SmartNote solution. It is also a signal for the regulators, that more "air" is needed for the system. Capital markets, as we know them today, are definitely over-regulated.

Ludwik Sobolewski - Board Member at HighCastle, ExCEO at Warsaw Stock Exchange and Bucharest Stock Exchange

One of the challenges of blockchain-based solutions is to fit their digital advanced features into established market practices and regulations tailored to the present. The HighCastle management addressed such a challenge with an open approach which combines its own internal digital and crypto expertise with contributions of professionals and advisers who have experienced the transformation of established practices into digital ones. The HighCastle solution aims at closing the gap between the existing alternative investment opportunities and the complexity of their trading and access by crypto and fiat investors in different markets - potentially trillions of dollars private placement deals worldwide to be closed finally online.

Ugo Bechis - Adviser at HighCastle, E-Payment & SEPA Adviser, Co-Chair At Lafferty Brexit Council

The HighCastle’s intent of digitalised investment marketplace is meant to bring efficiency and efficacy to alternative capital markets. Meaningful use of Blockchain will not only enable an efficient investment marketplace built on fundamental tenets of blockchain of trade, trust and transparency but also facilitate global reach creating a truly digital marketplace for investments worldwide.

Nitin Gaur - Adviser at HighCastle, IBM Blockchain Labs

Blockchain is a perspective emerging technology, but it is not standalone. In order to fulfill its business functions (e. g. smart contracts), it must interact with the scope of existing technologies: operation systems, processing, web etc. The touchpoints with those technologies can be potential weaknesses in all operations security. Our task is to identify and minimize the potential impact of those weaknesses.

Serhii Aleynikov - Adviser at HighCastle, CTO of RMRF Technology

With HighCastle’s revolutionary SmartNote solution we tend to achieve liquidity for private securities market, the same as liquidity was partially achieved by biggest US and Chinese p2p lending platforms, now multi-billionaire companies.

Ulyana Stybel - Partner at High Castle Capital

Stocks and other securities that are issued at the regulated blockchain-based platforms (aka tokenized securities) will become the new most popular type of ICOs in 2018, and HighCastle is ready for this with our smartnote solution, a blockchain-based financial instrument, which combines DLT with securities-backed notes, and empowers private and public businesses to raise capital by issuing tradable tokenized securities, is an example of such a solution.

Denys Goncharenko - CEO at HighCastle

Eventually, among over one thousand of platforms which originate investment opportunities in different countries or those which pretend to digitalize assets, only HighCastle has the investment open-architecture business model, secure technology and proven legal solution to unite the online worldwide investment platforms and provide investors with opportunity to diversify their portfolio and resell their investments (private shares, bonds, loans) whenever they wish, trade any private or public security crossborder in fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Kostiantyn Pechnykov - CTO at HighCastle

Team and advisors

Apps Craft Team Member Image


Board Member at HighCastle
exCEO at Warsaw Stock Exchange
exCEO at Bucharest Stock Exchange
Former CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Former President and CEO of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) between 2006 and 2013. Before WSE, Sobolewski spent several years as the Executive Vice-President of the Polish National Depository for Securities (and Clearing House). He was also chairman of Polish Power Exchange, BondSpot, Exchange Centre SA.
Team Member Image

Leon Saunders

Advisor At HighCastle
Global Head of Capital Markets &
Advisory at Thomson Reuters
Dedicated and experienced business leader in corporate finance information with an MSc in International Management. A driver of strategy and innovation, developing intelligent content and workflow solutions for the investment banking and private equity community with a proven success record in guiding people and projects to achieve company goals and facilitate expansion objectives.
Team Member Image


Advisor at HighCastle
Director at IBM Blockchain Labs
Director at IBM Blockchain Labs. Master of Business Administration (MBA). Master of Science (MS) in Management Information Systems. Business + Technology Thought Leader. IBM Master Inventor with 40+ Patents.
Team Member Image


Advisor At HighCastle
e-Payment & SEPA Adviser
Co-Chair at Lafferty Brexit Council
Ugo has a professional experience in Banking and finance, transactional and distribution services. He has been Head of Bank Multichannel Distribution, Home Banking, Trading On-line, Corporate and Retail Payments, Cards, Consumer Credit and Bancassurance, following commercial responsibilities in Corporate and Trade Finance, Audit and Acquisitions.
Team Member Image


Adviser at HighCastle
CTO of RMRF Technology
Mr. Aleynikov is “white hat” - an ethical hacker with more than 15 years’ experience. He has a spacious mind in cybersecurity, because he combines excellent hacking skill with many years of IT security systems implementations and architecture. His motto – “Want to defeat hacker – think like a hacker”.
His team make different implementations for: HQ Sberbank of Russia, HQ state bank “VTB”, RQ “VTB”(Ukraine), bank “Russian standart”, bank “Promsvyazbank”, BM bank, Government of Moscow, Center of maintenance of road traffic Moscow, MTS Armenia, PJSC “Bashneft”, PJSC “Surgutneftegaz”, Lukoil, TNK-BP, Ukrainian armed forces, intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies.
During 2004–2011 Mr. Aleynikov overcame path from fellow security technician to a recognized expert in “hacker world”.
Team Member Image


Executive Director at HighCastle
Former Executive Director, CME Asia and Head of Global Clearing Services of HSBC Singapore and Hong Kong. Mr. Millar has helped to establish a UK based fintech company offering access to OTC liquidity pools in multiple asset classes, holding the position of Director at Basis Capital Markets, a British brokerage, and financial technology company. He was a representative on the Project Steering Committee which successfully implemented a new clearing system for Bursa Malaysia Derivatives, covering listed and off-exchange derivatives trades, supporting a business generating revenues in excess of USD 20 million.
Team Member Image


Vice President at HighCastle
DPhil in Economics
Ph.D. in Economics, former Executive Director of Warsaw Stock Exchange in Ukraine. Former BPO at American Chamber of Commerce, and before - at UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (NYC). Since 2011 Ambassador to One Young World Summit.
Team Member Image

Denys Goncharenko

CEO at HighCastle
Founder, MPhil in Law
Master's Degree at Law. Founder at HighCastle. Licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy. Former Head Of Legal Department State Tax Service of Ukraine.
Team Member Image


Board Member at HighCastle
Trader, MPhil in Economics
Master’s Degree in Economics. Serial Entrepreneur more than 10m of assets under management. Gained extensive experience working with international/global manufacturing companies operating in Emerging Markets, active in mining, Real Estate, industrial machine-building.
Philip Walsh. Regulatory Compliance Director

Philip Walsh

Regulatory Compliance Director
Mr. Walsh is a senior compliance professional with 15 years experience in FCA Compliance. Since 2003, Philip has gained experience within financial services industry as a compliance consultant at Bovill, Head of Compliance and Corporate Finance Executive at Zimmerman Adams International, Principal Consultant at ACA Compliance (Europe) Ltd.

Kostiantyn Pechnykov

CTO at HighCastle
Smart Contracts, Machine Learning
Master’s Degree in Law. Serial Entrepreneur with a primary focus on IT and Law. More than 20 years of experience. Gifted Back-end Developer with wide portfolio of creating trading platforms and marketing strategy.
Team Member Image


Cheif Inovation Officer
at HighCastle
Bachelor's degrees in Politology and Consulting Psychology

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Disclaimer: To all existing and potential customers of HighCastle. We would like to draw to your attention that our company and the services we offer are in no way connected or affiliated with the London Stock Exchange Group and its Alternative Investment Market (AIM).